No-Prep Veneers Mean No Need to Remove Tooth Enamel

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No-Prep Veneers Mean No Need to Remove Tooth Enamel

If you would like a more beautiful smile for personal and professional reasons, porcelain veneers are the highest-quality and affordable solution.

You might have naturally darker teeth than is ideal to compete with all the gleaming Hollywood smiles, even if you aren’t in the entertainment industry. Old root canals could be showing through. Infrequent cleaning or whitening can allow teeth to lose their brightness. Or perhaps drinking your favorite coffee, tea, or red wine has gradually stained them. Teeth can also become discolored from smoking, using medications like tetracycline, or just the natural effects of aging.

You may have always dreamed of closing the gaps between your teeth, reshaping those that stand out, upgrading small teeth or those that have been ground down, or covering the ones that have cracked or been chipped.

Advances in cosmetic porcelain have made it possible for Dr. Marine to provide you with no-prep veneers that are the most cost-effective and long-lasting way to improve your smile. So what does no-prep mean? Traditional veneers require grinding, filing, or drilling the surface of your natural teeth so that when the veneers are placed on top, they aren’t bulky, giving you an overly-toothy smile. The newest versions are thin, but strong. They require no or minimal preparation, preserving your tooth structure.

When you come in to our cosmetic dentist office, we will discuss your goals, all the options, and help you select the shape and color of your veneers (you may want a whiter smile than your currently have, or just want to make sure that the veneers on the teeth being upgraded match your natural ones).

A mold is then taken of the teeth that will receive veneers and is sent to a top dental laboratory to craft each to fit the tooth it is to cover. When we receive these back, you will come in to have the surface of your teeth cleaned, a bonding cement put on, the veneers placed, and finally hardened with a special light beam.

Check out our Smile Gallery for some remarkable before-and-after photos of patients who have had

Dr. Marine provides them with customized veneers, as well as a video showing the entire process of placing them:

Every patient is unique, so in order to decide together what would work best for your smile, make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation and a transparent treatment plan from Dr. Marine. Find out how something as simple as brightening your smile with veneers can change your life.

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