My Tooth Broke – What are My Options?

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My Tooth Broke – What are My Options?

There are few physical sensations that compare to the panic and shock you may feel when biting into something hard and feeling a tooth crack or break. Despite the momentary bolt of pain, you may endure ongoing sensitivity and general discomfort if the cracked, chipped, or broken tooth isn’t fixed promptly. 

Here at Pacific Dental Care, we see our fair share of dental emergencies due to injured teeth. Our goal today is to educate our current and future patients on the proper steps to take when a crack or break occurs. The faster you act, the less time you spend in discomfort and the more likely your dental team is to fully restore your beautiful smile quickly. 

What Caused Your Broken or Chipped Tooth?

Biting into something hard is just one of the most common causes of broken or chipped teeth. There are also unexpected accidents that can damage your teeth. That includes car accidents and sports incidents. 

You may also have teeth that suddenly seem to crack or split, but the root cause has been developing for years. Some of those causes may include untreated periodontal disease and wear and tear caused by teeth grinding or jaw clenching. 

What seems like an unexpected split or crack due to biting into food or chewing candy may turn out to have more serious causes. That’s where routine dental check-ups become essential. When periodontal disease, exposed fillings, and early signs of bruxism are detected during a routine cleaning, you can fix the problem before you end up with the pain and inconvenience of damaged teeth.

What to Do About a Broken Tooth

Regardless of your pain level or whether the damaged tooth shows when you talk and laugh, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dental team at Pacific Dental Care as soon as you notice a damaged tooth. We will act fast to repair the tooth if possible or restore your smile quickly with veneers, dental crowns, bonding, and other dental procedures. 

If a piece of your tooth comes off completely, try to preserve it in your own saliva or a small cup of milk. You don’t want to place it in tap water or allow it to dry out. If you can tuck it back in your gum without risk of losing it or choking, that is the best option. Contact our office immediately at (818) 396-7777. 

We’re committed to keeping our patients comfortable, and that means scheduling emergency dental care as needed. We will do everything needed to control bleeding and pain while getting your treatment started.

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