Make the Best First Impressions

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Make the Best First Impressions

Going to the dentist or orthodontist can be a dreaded thing. Making impressions of your teeth is one of the messier aspects of dentistry. Typically your practitioner will use putty or “goop” to make impressions of your teeth. Some added flavor makes the practice a little more fun, but it’s just a distraction from the inevitable mess that follows.

Dental Impressions: A Rather Sloppy Business

While making your dental impressions, goop can get all over your lips and mouth. You have to bite down uncomfortably for what seems like forever, worrying about how you’ll breathe, having someone’s hand in your mouth. When the whole thing is over, you have to be careful of getting saliva or putty all over your clothes despite your bib that was supposed to prevent this very thing.

Cutting Edge Impressions

At Pacific Dental Care, we practice innovative ways to replace outdated techniques. A trip to our dental office is an efficient and effective experience with none of the hassle. We do away with the goop and the messy practices, replacing them with state-of-the-art digital impressions. Our new, advanced methods are accurate and also comfortable. Digital impressions shorten your visits and give our staff immediate access to 3D models of your teeth. No more waiting by the phone for the next step of your orthodontic treatment.

Our scanner is radiation-free, and our 3D impression is an instant, realistic portrayal of your teeth and gums. Immediate impressions allow us to communicate during your appointment and gauge the treatment process far more efficiently. After we process a digital rendering of your teeth, we can predict your oral health progression as well as tooth movement on a cutting edge computer screen. We use this scanner on the majority of our patients for creating aligners during our Invisalign procedure.

We’re always looking for more convenient ways for our patients to get the results they want. No mess, no discomfort, no repeated impressions needed. Best of all, immediate feedback. At Pacific Dental Care, give you the treatment you deserve.

We know you have plenty of options for dental treatment. Our methods are innovative, yet safe and time-tested. We continually look for new ways to help you achieve that sparkly, wonderful smile without experiencing the pitfalls of older generations. Want to learn more about our effective oral health treatments and techniques? Call our office today and set up your consultation.

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