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Kids Orthodontist Glendale

Kids Braces GlendaleWhen your child needs orthodontic treatment, Dr. Martirosyan, Glendale kids orthodontist, is ready to help with a variety of treatments to meet his or her needs. Braces and other orthodontic treatments are often best performed when the jaw is still growing. Some types of orthodontic treatments can even be started quite early to help guide the growth of the jaw. Finding the right treatment for your son or daughter can give them new confidence in their smiles and healthier teeth and gums for life.

Dr. Martirosyan, kids orthodontist in Glendale, offers a variety of orthodontic treatments for kids, including Invisalign, metal braces, porcelain braces and retainers. Correcting your child’s bite can result in less pressure on his teeth and jaw joint, which can reduce the risk of damage and TMJ disorders. Straightening your child’s teeth can give her a more attractive smile and teeth that are easier to clean, which can mean less decay and gum disease. Braces can be extremely effective particularly in complex cases, but Invisalign can be a great choice for older teens who are more self-conscious about their appearance.

Glendale Kids Orthodontist

At your child’s appointment, Dr. Martirosyan, Glendale kids orthodontist, will evaluate his teeth and bone structure. Dental X-rays and other imaging tests may be used to better determine her needs so that we can recommend a specific treatment strategy to straighten her teeth and improve her smile. Orthodontic treatment does not just straighten teeth but also aligns the upper and lower jaw for easier biting, chewing and speaking.

Without orthodontic treatment, maloccluded bites can increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, speech impediments, eating difficulties, abnormal enamel wear and jaw problems. Dr. Martirosyan, kids orthodontist in Glendale, can create an orthodontic treatment plan that will correct the malocclusion. The amount of time your child’s treatment will take can vary based on his or her needs. The average treatment length can range from 12 to 24 months and starts between eight and 14. Adults can also frequently benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Call us today to learn more about orthodontic treatment or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marine Martirosyan, expert in kids braces in Glendale.

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