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Kids Dentist Glendale

Kids Dentist GlendaleDid you know that the foundation for a healthy smile is being built before the first tooth ever erupts? Your baby’s teeth develop throughout the early years, and you can help your child develop good dental habits right from the start. Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale kids dentist, can help.

Right from the start, your baby’s mouth can contain potentially dangerous bacteria. After each feeding, use a clean, damp washcloth to wipe debris from gums. Once teeth appear, you can use a soft baby toothbrush with a tiny smear of baby toothpaste to clean his teeth and gums. Once teeth are touching, begin using dental floss to clean between them. Your baby needs to visit Dr. Martirosyan, our kids dentist in Glendale, by the time she gets her first tooth or by the time she is 12 months old. Avoid putting your baby to bed with a bottle of formula, breast milk or juice, which can lead to bottle rot. By the time your child is six, he should be able to brush alone but with supervision. Make sure he is spitting out the toothpaste rather than swallowing it.

Glendale Kids Dentist

Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale kids dentist, has a fun, friendly manner that particularly appeals to kids and puts their parents’ minds at ease. She will get to know your little one and perform a modified exam to get your child used to dental care. She will also explain good brushing and flossing habits to you and your child along with nutritional counseling and preventive care. We may recommend specific treatments, such as fluoride applications or dental sealants, to reduce the risk of cavities, the most common oral disease in children.

Sometimes our kids still develop dental problems in spite of our best efforts, but today’s dentistry gives us more treatment options than ever before. We can use composite resin to restore decayed teeth aesthetically and without mercury exposure. Porcelain or metal crowns can strengthen damaged teeth and protect them. Early orthodontics can guide jaw growth and reduce the need for more extensive treatment later. Dr. Martirosyan, our kids dentist in Glendale, will explain each of your child’s options.

Your child’s dental health can have a big influence on his or her later health. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Martirosyan, our pediatric dentist.

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