Is Fluoride Treatment Recommended for Adults?

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Is Fluoride Treatment Recommended for Adults?

Do you suffer from cavities and tooth decay? Perhaps you’re looking to strengthen your tooth enamel and maintain a bright smile for many years to come? Fluoride treatment could rejuvenate your oral health and prevent the need for invasive dental treatments in future. Often used in children’s dental treatment plans, fluoride treatment is also a safe and effective option for adults.  

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that has played a crucial role in dental health for many decades. Naturally found in soil, water, and some foods, fluoride is added to toothpaste and public water supplies to prevent tooth decay – and to great effect. According to research, fluoridated water may reduce the risk of dental caries in over a quarter of adults across all age groups. Dentists also offer fluoride treatments involving the application of a highly concentrated fluoride gel that adheres to the teeth and allows for the slow release of fluoride over time.

What are the advantages of fluoride treatment for adults?

Fluoride works by strengthening tooth enamel, improving resistance to sugar and acid. In the long term, this tooth remineralization can produce the following benefits:

  • Preventing tooth decay: Modern diets leave many adults vulnerable to tooth decay and weakening. Fluoride treatments can provide an added layer of protection on top of standard oral hygiene techniques, such as brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. 
  • Decreasing tooth sensitivity: Do you experience pain when your teeth encounter hot or cold temperatures? Such sensitivity is probably the result of gum recession and exposed tooth roots. By remineralizing teeth, fluoride can protect these roots and alleviate discomfort. 
  • Protecting those who prefer bottled water: If you primarily drink bottled water, you may miss out on the fluoride added to public water supplies. Fluoride treatment allows you to continue enjoying bottled water while benefiting from the cavity-busting effects of fluoride.
  • Reversing signs of tooth decay: Fluoride can reverse the early stages of tooth decay, remineralizing enamel damage before cavities have a chance to develop.
  • Prolonging the lifespan of fillings and crowns: If your dentist has treated you for cavities or a tooth injury in the past, fluoride treatments can protect your teeth from further decay, ensuring your restorative fillings or crowns aren’t damaged or loosened.

Ready to try fluoride treatment? Book an appointment with a dentist in Glendale

Fluoride treatment is a simple and effective method for protecting oral health, especially if you drink bottled water or have a history of tooth decay and dental caries. To discover more about our flavored fluoride gels and treatment methods, don’t hesitate to get in touch today at (818) 396-7777 or book an appointment online. As well as serving clients in Glendale, we welcome patients from surrounding areas, including Los Angeles and Burbank.

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