Finding the Best Dentist in Your Area

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Finding the Best Dentist in Your Area

You may be one of the third of Americans who have not seen a dentist in a long time, usually because they either don’t feel any urgent dental need or they may have had a bad experience the last time.

It’s important to know that while you may not have a toothache, neglected cavities can kill a tooth that needs to be extracted without giving you a twinge of pain. Periodontal disease might have not only seriously infected your gums without major bleeding, but destroyed the underlying jawbone and require a bone graft, gum repair, and replacement of teeth.

That’s why it is strongly recommended that you have a dental exam, including a full digital x-ray of your mouth (which involves minimal radiation) twice a year to prevent problems from escalating into emergencies.

But how to choose a dentist who has the right education for your needs, keeps up with the latest developments in dentistry, and has the skills and technology that earn a top reputation? In the Glendale-Burbank area, there is a clear choice for a general dentist.

Having a degree from a dental school or belonging to local, state, and national dental organizations are not differentiators. But Dr. Marine Martirosyan graduated from the prestigious University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 1996 and was a clinical faculty member there. She has also kept up with research in the field and for this received the rare Continuing Education Life-long Learner Award from USC in 2013.

She was also invited to join the very selective American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and received additional specialized training as a member of the Academy of Osseointegration (for dental implants), the Academy of Laser Dentistry, the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (for cosmetic dentistry), and certification for Invisalign orthodontic treatment and the placement of Lumineers veneers. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research even awarded her a grant for the design of a digital pulpascope (which aids the ability to understand the extent of periodontal infection).

But you do not need to take her word for her expertise. Patient reviews are uncensored opinions that appear on a variety of sites. For example, on Yelp, 100 have given Dr. Marine an average of nearly 5 stars (no one attracts so many comments without a few dissenters, since some patients don’t like to be told the truth about their dental habits and what needs to be done).

For example, Izzy M. wrote: “I’ve been going to Pacific Dental Care since the end of 2010. Dr. Martirosyan is excellent! Coming from another doctor’s office, I was horrified to extract my wisdom teeth, but she did the top two and I did not feel a thing.” 

Michelle T. said: “She is the absolute best! Not only is she super-friendly, professional, caring, gentle and just an overall incredible dentist, but her staff is also amazing.”

Of course, if you are searching for a new dentist, you should look at the credentials, services, options for making procedures pain-free, office hours to be sure they are convenient for your schedule, before-and-after photos, and reviews.

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