Fastbraces can Change Your Smile in 120 Days

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Fastbraces can Change Your Smile in 120 Days

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but sometimes it seems out of reach. Many of you don’t want to spend several years wearing braces. Adult patients in particular may be reluctant to deal with the time and discomfort of traditional braces.

Fortunately, you may not need years of treatment. Fastbraces offer a renewed smile in just a few months. They cost less, hurt less, and offer dramatic results for some patients.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces were developed in 1992 to offer a new way of repositioning teeth. Instead of moving the crown of the tooth and then the root, this system moves everything at the same time.

Rather than square brackets, this system uses a triangular design. The brackets are connected by a single flexible, strong, four-sided wire. The patented system includes advanced technology to help teeth move smoothly and with less discomfort.

Unlike Invisalign and other clear aligners, Fastbraces look like traditional braces.

Who is a Candidate for Fastbraces?

Fastbraces work most quickly if your smile needs a minor adjustment. If you have some spacing or crowding issues they could work both effectively and quickly. Fastbraces can be used for more complicated orthodontic issues, but those treatments take longer than just 120 days.

The best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for Fastbraces is to come in for a consultation. We will evaluate your teeth, bite, and any other issues. There are a lot of options available for straightening teeth, and we will tell you which are the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Benefits of Fastbraces

The two biggest benefits for patients who qualify for this orthodontic treatment are speed and comfort. Spacing and crowding issues can make you very self-conscious. You deserve a smile that makes you feel confident. 

With Fastbraces, you can have that smile in a much shorter time than with traditional braces. Fewer visits and adjustments save money. They’re also usually less expensive than clear aligners and produce faster results.

Fastbraces are less painful than their traditional counterparts. The innovative wire and bracket system moves teeth safely and smoothly.

Once your teeth are straighter they are easier for you and your dental hygienist to brush and floss. Clean teeth are healthier teeth.

These benefits depend on your teeth. Fastbraces work best to quickly align your visible front teeth. Complicated bite problems and other issues may take much longer.

Book a consultation today to find out if Fastbraces are a good choice for changing your smile.

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