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Do Veneers Affect Your Face Shape?

A widely sought-after cosmetic treatment, veneers can improve the appearance of teeth by covering imperfections such as discoloration, chips, or gaps. While many people are aware of the aesthetic benefits of veneers, fewer understand their potential impact on the overall shape of the face. Our team recognizes some patients’ concerns about the comprehensive effects of dental treatments, including how veneers can influence your facial aesthetics.

Enhancing Facial Proportions

One of the primary ways veneers can affect your face shape is by improving the proportion and symmetry of your teeth. Teeth that are too short, uneven, or have gaps can affect the balance of your facial features, making your face appear asymmetrical or disproportionate. By altering veneers to the ideal shape and length for your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can enhance the overall harmony of your facial features, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing result.

Additional Structure and Support

Teeth provide essential support to the structure of your face, especially in the lower third area, which includes your mouth, jawline, and chin. When teeth are worn down or misaligned, they can affect your overall facial structure, resulting in a prematurely aged appearance, sagging skin, and a sunken look around the mouth.

Veneers can help restore the height and structure of your teeth, providing better support for your lips and cheeks. This additional support can prevent the lower face from collapsing inward and maintain a more youthful and defined appearance. In essence, veneers can help to lift and fill out areas that may have lost volume due to dental issues, contributing to a more rejuvenated facial contour.

Correcting Bite

Improper bite alignment, such as an overbite or underbite, can have a significant impact on your face shape. For example, an overbite can cause the upper lip to protrude, while an underbite can make the chin appear more prominent. By correcting these bite issues with veneers, the overall shape of the face can be improved.

Veneers can be designed to adjust the bite and align the teeth properly, resulting in an improved balanced and symmetrical appearance. This can enhance the way your facial muscles function and contribute to a more attractive and harmonious face shape.

Personalized Design for Facial Harmony

At our Glendale and Burbank dental office, we use a persoanlized approach to designing veneers that complement each patient’s unique facial features. During the initial consultation, we will evaluate your facial proportions, smile, and dental structure to create veneers that not only enhance your teeth but also contribute to a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing face shape.

By customizing the size, shape, and color of the veneers, we can achieve a natural-looking result that complements your unique appearance and exceeding your goals. Whether you’re looking to address minor imperfections or undergo a more extensive smile makeover, veneers can play a significant role in enhancing your facial aesthetics.

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