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Dental X-Rays Glendale

Dental X-Rays GlendaleDental X-rays are an essential part of routine dental care. They are often used for preventative purposes and help our Glendale dental X-rays dentist identify areas of concern before they cause dental problems. Dental X-rays can also be used as a diagnostic to determine the extent of a problem or develop a treatment plan.

Teeth and bone are dense, but soft tissues are not. The X-rays can pass easily through the soft tissues but are absorbed by the dense tissues of the teeth and bone. This allows us to see even tiny abnormalities or cavities as well as erupting teeth and other oral structures. Our expert in dental X-rays in Glendale may use dental X-rays to:

  • Diagnose cavities
  • Examine the roots of the teeth
  • Evaluate jaw health
  • Identify signs of periodontal disease
  • Determine the extent of dental disease
  • Monitor developing and erupting teeth
  • Identify malocclusions
  • Monitor the health of teeth and bones

Glendale Dental X-Rays

Our Glendale dental X-rays dentist may take periodic bite-wing X-rays at your routine appointments. These X-rays show us details about the upper and lower teeth in the back of your mouth. We can identify small cavities and evaluate your bite. Periapical X-rays give us a detailed look at the entire tooth and the bone that supports it. They may be used when we suspect a specific problem with a tooth. Panoramic X-rays are often taken before orthodontic treatment. These X-rays create a highly detailed view of all the teeth and the entire upper and lower jaws. Other X-rays may be taken for different reasons.

At your X-ray, our expert in dental X-rays in Glendale will first protect you with a lead apron. Although dental X-rays emit only a tiny about of radiation, the lead protects you and your body while we perform the X-rays. The film will be attached to a small device that is placed in your mouth while you bite down on it. The process is fast and not painful, and the film is developed in minutes. We can then share your results and explain our treatment recommendations. Call us to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our dentist in Glendale.

In conjunction with dental X-rays, we use Diagnodent, which is a laser cavity detector.

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