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Dental Sealants Glendale

Dental Exam GlendalePreventing tooth decay can be one of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy. Tooth decay is caused by oral bacteria, which emit an acidic byproduct. Good brushing and flossing habits are a start, but they may not be enough. Bacteria and other debris can nestle into the fissures and folds on the top of the molars, and your toothbrush bristles may not be small enough to reach these areas. Dr. Martirosyan, Glendale dental sealants dentist, can protect those hard-to-reach parts of your teeth to help you keep your smile healthy.

Dental sealants are a special preventive treatment that act as a barrier between bacteria and teeth. They are fast and easy to apply, and they can last several years before they need to be replaced. If you are a candidate for sealants, our expert in dental sealants in Glendale can place them in a single appointment. There is no need for anesthetic, and the preparation is minimal.

Glendale Dental Sealants

Our Glendale dental sealants dentist will first clean the chewing surfaces to rid them of any plaque or tartar buildup. The teeth that will have the sealants applied are then dried and isolated. Next, an etching solution is painted onto the teeth to roughen them slightly. This makes it easier for the sealants to adhere. Finally, the sealant is applied to the tooth and cured using a special light.

The sealants are clear and are virtually invisible to others. They keep bacteria, plaque and acid away from the surfaces of the teeth, and they can hold up to normal bite pressures and use for several years. At each appointment, our expert in dental sealants in Glendale will check to ensure your sealants are still intact and in position. They can be easily reapplied as needed.

Dental sealants do not replace good dental habits. You will still need to brush two times a day, and clean between your teeth using floss or interdental cleaners. Limit snacks, and eat a healthy diet. Sealants are often used on children, but they can also help protect adults’ teeth as well. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Glendale.

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