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Dental Hygienist Glendale

Dental Hygienist GlendaleWhen you visit our office for a cleaning and a checkup, you will probably meet our Glendale dental hygienist. Our hygienist works closely with our dentist to implement your treatment plan and keep your smile the healthiest possible. A dental hygienist is a highly skilled dental professional who works closely with our dentist to care for your smile.

At your next cleaning, our dental hygienist in Glendale will review your dental history, chart any changes, take your pulse and blood pressure, and evaluate any dental health problems you may have. This gives our dentist a better understanding of your needs and allows Dr. Martirosyan more time to focus on you and your dental care.

Glendale Dental Hygienist

Our Glendale dental hygienist may also perform your dental prophylaxis, or cleaning. During a dental cleaning, we carefully remove all plaque and tartar from each surface of each tooth. Plaque is a soft, sticky biofilm that forms on your teeth, particularly near the gum line. Plaque that is not properly removed will harden into a mineralized substance called tartar. Although plaque can be cleaned off your teeth at home through brushing and flossing, you cannot remove tartar at home. We use special tools to remove this hardened substance without damaging your teeth or irritating your gums.

Once your teeth are cleaned, we may review your dental hygiene habits. Our team can show you the latest products and techniques to get your teeth completely clean each time you brush. We may also recommend specific preventive treatments or offer nutritional advice that can improve your dental health. Finally, our dental hygienist in Glendale may take dental X-rays, dental impressions or dental images that Dr. Martirosyan will use in creating your dental care plan.

Dr. Martirosyan’s team of dental hygienists works hard to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. They are an important part of our dental practice and will work with you to find the optimal solution for your needs. Call us today to find out more about how our dental hygienists can improve your smile or to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale dentist.

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