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Composite Dental Fillings Glendale

Composite Dental Fillings GlendaleTraditionally, cavities have been filled with metal-based fillings after the decayed parts of the teeth have been removed. These fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, were strong and long-lasting. However, they tended to increase tooth sensitivity, were often unsightly and required more extensive preparation, which led to the loss of healthy tooth structure. Today, our Glendale dental filling dentist offers an alternative: composite fillings.

Composite resin is a special blend of glass and tooth-colored plastic that is used to repair a decayed tooth, which results in a putty-like material in texture. Once the tooth has been cleaned and all decayed tissue has been removed, we apply the resin to the tooth. We place it in thin layers and use a special UV light to cure each layer. Once the tooth has been filled, the filling is further trimmed and shaped to match the natural contours of the tooth. Finally, our Glendale composite filling dentist polishes the filling to give it a shine to match the rest of the tooth.

Glendale Composite Dental Fillings

Composite fillings can cost a little more than other types of fillings, but they also offer several benefits. Our expert in dental filling in Glendale often recommends composite fillings for those who want a more aesthetic restoration. Composite resins blend beautifully in with the natural tooth structure and can be impossible to discern once they have been placed. The filling material also bonds chemically with the tooth, which helps the tooth stay stronger and less likely to fracture or break. This also helps insulate the tooth from sensitivity.

Candidates for composite or tooth-colored fillings include those who have cavities, small chips, gaps, worn enamel, exposed roots or other small flaws. The filling material is highly versatile and can give you a healthier, more attractive smile. Our expert in composite filling in Glendale can help you decide if a composite resin filling is right for you.

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