Completing Your Ideal Orthodontic Treatment as Fast as Possible

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Completing Your Ideal Orthodontic Treatment as Fast as Possible

Whether you are a teen wondering when your uncomfortable and embarrassing braces can come off or an adult who hates the dietary restrictions, Dr. Marine will help you find the right technology for your unique case and provide tips on how to complete the process faster.

Pacific Dental Care is unusual for offering so many options for straightening crooked teeth. Traditional metal braces are the most common choice because they can correct even the most severe misaligned bite and are comparatively affordable. Consisting of tiny steel brackets bonded to the front of the front teeth that are connected by wires by elastic rings, the new versions are more comfortable than ever before.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored or transparent and so more discrete. Some have what are called self-ligating brackets that can speed up treatment time and are more comfortable for many. However, ceramic braces are not as strong as metal ones.

Both metal and ceramic braces need to be adjusted in the office about every other month to continue to make progress, so be sure to keep appointments to have this done to complete the treatment as soon as possible. The case timeline for braces is typically 1-3 years, depending on the complexity of the case. 

Both metal and ceramic braces require dietary restrictions to avoid foods that are sticky, which can get stuck in these wires and brackets, or so hard they may damage them. Cleaning around braces twice a day is not easy to do, so check with your dental hygienist for the right way technique, since this will not only prevent periodontal (gum) infections, but will help finish the treatment in a timely manner.


FASTBRACES are an American invention that has been tested for 25 years. While conventional braces start with moving the crowns (visible part) of the crooked teeth with a square bracket and then the roots with a round wire, FASTBRACES reposition the roots from the start using a triangular bracket, while at the same time a square wire straightens the crowns.This usually takes less than six months.

However, they are not recommended for severe crowding or cases involving the temporomandibular (TMJ) hinges that connect the lower jaw to the skull.

FASTBRACES do have similar dietary restrictions and cleaning requirements as traditional braces, but they are easier to clean and the inconvenience is brief.


Invisalign transparent aligners or trays have the enormous advantage over braces of being able to be removed when you eat or drink, then they need to be cleaned and put back in. As long as you are thorough about brushing and flossing after breakfast and the last snack in the evening, you are far less likely to develop a periodontal infection. If you wear the trays for the recommended 20-22 hours a day, replace them with each new set, and have Dr. Marine check your progress as required, you are likely to complete treatment in 6-18 months. However, Invisalign is not as effective as braces for the most complicated cases.

What is often not well understood is that all orthodontic treatments require a removable retainer to be worn for a recommended number of months or years afterwards, depending on the case. This will keep the bite from quite naturally returning to its original crookedness, so this period is as important as the treatment for the teeth to remain straightened. 

Whatever your age or how crooked your teeth, call today to set an appointment so you and a Glendale-based dentist, Dr. Marine can explore the best option to get to your unique perfect smile.

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