Common Orthodontic Problems Treated with Professional Care

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Common Orthodontic Problems Treated with Professional Care

Ideally, the teeth of the lower and upper jaw should have a perfect placement for optimal oral hygiene and function. Unfortunately, the teeth aren’t perfect, which is why common orthodontic problems can occur. For some, these dental problems are more profound than others. Below are some of the most typical dental issues we encounter at Pacific Dental Care.

Spaced Teeth

Spaced teeth develop when there is a big gap between the teeth. These gaps can form anywhere in the mouth but are a lot more prominent on the two central incisors (upper front teeth). Dental bonding is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to fix the gap. Other professional treatments can also help, such as veneers and braces.

Crowded Teeth

Teeth crowding is a dental malposition that happens when the teeth don’t have enough space in the jaw to grow. This lack of space is forcing them to shift and misalign. Depending on how severe the dental problem is, our team at Pacific Dental Care can suggest using Invisalign,  braces, or cosmetic dental work.

Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth are a condition where the front teeth on the upper jaw are angled outward and stick out in front of the lower jaw. This makes the teeth look crooked, which often leads to an overbite. Braces are the most common treatment for bringing teeth into their intended alignment. But, when the condition is too severe, our dental experts can suggest jaw surgery.


If you close the mouth and your teeth don’t line up correctly, that’s when you can notice a crossbite or other bite problems. This orthodontic problem can affect groups of teeth or a single tooth. An orthodontic intervention can help treat the crossbite. You can choose braces, Invisalign clear aligners, or expanders. In very rare cases, oral surgery can help with the re-alignment.


An underbite is a misalignment of the jaw, causing the lower teeth to stick out further than your upper teeth. This makes the lower jaw look to be too far forward. An orthodontic problem such as this can make the teeth wear down faster than usual and cause problems when speaking and chewing. Options like tooth extraction and braces can help.

Professional Treatments

Since every orthodontic issue is different for everyone, it is important to discuss the best dental treatments tailored to your needs. At Pacific Dental Care, our team can give you valuable insight into which dental treatment to go for. We can suggest the ideal single or combination treatment for your exact problem. Book an appointment today to find out more.

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