Braces Burbank

Braces Burbank

Braces BurbankBraces are used to correct a malocclusion, which occurs when the upper and lower jaws do not align properly. Malocclusions can interfere with speech and a healthy diet, but they can also increase the risk of other dental problems, including abnormal wear, damage in the jaw joint, decay and gum disease. Our Burbank braces expert may recommend braces for preventive purposes, as well as cosmetic reasons.

If you are a candidate for braces, your treatment will occur over a period of several months to more than a year, depending on your needs. Our expert in braces in Burbank will start by bonding individual brackets to your teeth. The archwire is then connected to the brackets, and it applies continuous pressure to move the teeth in a specific direction. With each adjustment to the archwire, the jawbone will change shape to accommodate the new position of the teeth.

Burbank Braces

Several types of braces are currently available. Our Burbank braces expert will explain our recommendations for your smile after a complete evaluation. We will also explain your potential treatment time. The amount of time you will spend in active treatment will vary depending on the severity of the malocclusion, the amount of space you have available, the distance your teeth will need to move and how well you follow our recommendations. Average treatment time usually lasts from 12 to 36 months, though. Once you are finished with active treatment, you will begin the retention phase of your treatment. During this period, you will wear a retainer to help hold your teeth in their proper position.

You will need to return to our office every few weeks or about once a month. During these appointments, we will adjust the archwire to ensure it is applying the proper amount of force and to ensure you are progressing as expected. Between visits, you will need to ensure that you are maintaining a proper diet and avoiding foods and drinks that could damage your teeth or braces. You will also need to maintain excellent dental hygiene, especially around the brackets and between the teeth where plaque and debris tend to accumulate.

Braces are a great way to get the healthy, beautiful smile of your dreams. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our expert in braces in Burbank.

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