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No-Prep Veneers Mean No Need to Remove Tooth Enamel

No-Prep Veneers Mean No Need to Remove Tooth Enamel

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If you would like a more beautiful smile for personal and professional reasons, porcelain veneers are the highest-quality and affordable solution.

You might have naturally darker teeth than is ideal to compete with all the gleaming Hollywood smiles, even if you aren’t in the entertainment industry. Old root canals could be showing through. Infrequent cleaning or whitening can allow teeth to lose their brightness. Or perhaps drinking your favorite coffee, tea, or red wine has gradually stained them. Teeth can also become discolored from smoking, using medications like tetracycline, or just the natural effects of aging.

You may have always dreamed of closing the gaps between your teeth, reshaping those that stand out, upgrading small teeth or those that have been ground down, or covering the ones that have cracked or been chipped.

Advances in cosmetic porcelain have made it possible for Dr. Marine to provide you with no-prep veneers that are the most cost-effective and long-lasting way to improve your smile. So what does no-prep mean? Traditional veneers require grinding, filing, or drilling the surface of your natural teeth so that when the veneers are placed on top, they aren’t bulky, giving you an overly-toothy smile. The newest versions are thin, but strong. They require no or minimal preparation, preserving your tooth structure.

When you come in to our cosmetic dentist office, we will discuss your goals, all the options, and help you select the shape and color of your veneers (you may want a whiter smile than your currently have, or just want to make sure that the veneers on the teeth being upgraded match your natural ones).

A mold is then taken of the teeth that will receive veneers and is sent to a top dental laboratory to craft each to fit the tooth it is to cover. When we receive these back, you will come in to have the surface of your teeth cleaned, a bonding cement put on, the veneers placed, and finally hardened with a special light beam.

Check out our Smile Gallery for some remarkable before-and-after photos of patients who have had

Dr. Marine provides them with customized veneers, as well as a video showing the entire process of placing them:

Every patient is unique, so in order to decide together what would work best for your smile, make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation and a transparent treatment plan from Dr. Marine. Find out how something as simple as brightening your smile with veneers can change your life.

CEREC Value and Benefits.

CEREC Represents High-Quality Same-Day Dentistry

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Pacific Dental Care knows how anxious you can be when you want to have a dental crown ASAP. The crown is the replacement for the top of a natural tooth, the part we chew with, and flash when we smile. It may have been lost to decay of the core of soft dentin surrounded by hard enamel. Or it might cap off a dental implant, necessary if the tooth has fallen out, been knocked out, or needs to be extracted. The top of the tooth could just be cracked or have been worn down by grinding your teeth at night.

But whether due to a slow process or an emergency, once you need that new crown, you want it fast. Unfortunately, the traditional process takes a long time. You have to come in to be examined, have x-rays taken, and the remaining tooth or the teeth adjacent need to be filed down to create space.

Then an impression is made of the area where the permanent crown will go, a temporary one of acrylic is placed for protection, while the impression and detailed instructions are sent to a dental lab to craft it. When the new crown is sent to the dentist, it is usually 2-3 weeks later and requires another appointment to put it in. Meantime, you have to chew on the temporary very carefully.

But Pacific Dental Care has the CEREC machine, the advanced technology to enable you to come in and have everything done during one visit. No need to take off work, find someone to pick up the kids at school, or get a babysitter twice. You also don’t have to sit in the dental chair and be numbed another time.

We use an infrared camera to create a digital image of the dimensions for the crown, it is designed on a CAD/CAM computer, and color-matched to the neighboring teeth. Then CEREC goes to work creating your replacement out of a solid block of dental porcelain. Shortly, it is inserted, cemented in place, polished, and the bite is checked for comfort and adjusted if needed.  

You walk out of our office with a CEREC crown, able to chew immediately. You are also happy to have your oral health restored. And you smile with the confidence that no one will ever know you didn’t have all these teeth naturally.

The one-day CEREC dental crown is a miracle of modern cosmetic dentistry as practiced by Pacific Dental Care.  

CEREC Value and Benefits.

CEREC Excels in Delivering High Quality Same-Day Dentistry

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What CEREC is About

Scan: Easy, fast, precise.

Design: Intuitive, photorealistic, click by click.

Mill: Precise, fast, versatile.

CEREC refers to Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. With the advantages of the CEREC technology, patients can work with their dentist to perform numerous treatments and procedures in one single process. This is an improvement from treatments using older technology and practices in which multiple visits may have been needed to restore teeth with ceramics.

CEREC technology utilizes CAD/CAM with 3D photography to formulate custom porcelain restorations in a short period of time. The technology can match the natural color and structure of natural teeth, which makes them virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

CEREC Delivers Lasting Value

Conventional dentistry requires multiple visits for most dental procedures. With the CEREC technology, Dr. Marine can scan your teeth and design a restoration with the utmost digital precision. In addition, you can adjust the color before the final restoration is permanently fitted to your teeth.

  • No Messy Impressions
  • No Temporary Appliances
  • No Metal
  • A New Smile in a Single Visit
  • Strong Restorations with Visual Appeal

With same-day dentistry, you can benefit from not having to worry about uncomfortable procedures, multiple visits and changes in scheduling. Dr. Marine can get you in and out of treatment in a shorter period of time while ensuring the most successful results.

Same Day Dentistry and CEREC technology can be applied to a multitude of procedures, these include:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Crowns
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • Porcelain Fillings

To find out if you are a candidate for CEREC same day dentistry, Pacific Dental Care in Glendale and schedule a consultation with Dr. Marine. Our team looks forward to serving you soon!

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