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Many adult patients wonder whether they should get braces, even if their teeth are far out of alignment. Braces take longer to straighten teeth in adults, and they’re highly visible during the treatment period. But the stigma of adult braces is rapidly fading. In the last twenty years, the number of adult patients getting braces has exploded. Patients are coming to realize that a great smile is worth it, no matter if your teeth are straightened as a teen or later in life. Adults should absolutely consider getting braces to improve their smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Adults are Motivated Patients

Children and teens most often get orthodontic treatment because they are told to by their parents or dentist. Adults, however, usually choose for themselves to seek treatment. This means that they are often better motivated, better informed, and take more care in following instructions. By being an equal partner in the treatment process, adults can make their treatments quicker and easier.

Adult Braces Take Longer

There is a reason that braces are ideally placed between the ages of 10 and 14. By this point, a child should have all of their adult teeth, and their jaw and bone structure is still growing rapidly. This makes misaligned teeth easier to correct, and since the child will grow into their new smile, the change is more likely to be permanent. Adults have stopped growing and have slower metabolisms, so teeth take longer to shift. By cooperating fully in the treatment process, adults can shave off some of this time, but even the fastest adult treatments will be slower than the same process in children or teens.

Adult braces are well worth the investment in time and money. Whether you’re seeking a better smile to improve your professional life or just for aesthetic reasons, there are many reasons to consider adult orthodontics. Schedule a consultation at Pacific Dental Care, and learn how orthodontic treatment can improve your quality of life, no matter your age.

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